Why You Should Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

Issues in your crawlspace can easily go undetected because it is not a part of your home that you go into often. That does not mean that it is not important as many conditions directly affect the indoor air quality if you are not careful. About 50 percent of household air can flow from your crawlspace, so it is vital to keep your crawlspace neat. You need to keep moisture out as well. You can do this by encapsulating your crawlspace. It has been found to be the most effective way to keep moisture out of your crawl space.

Encapsulation is basically sealing so that you can avoid any issues caused by indoor moisture. Crawl space encapsulation issaquah wa is a lot like lining a swimming pool. A thick polyethylene barrier completely covers your crawl spaces including the floors, foundation walls, and even ceiling. Everything needs to be completely covered to offer the maximum protection against moisture. Once everything is encapsulated, you will need to condition the air. In order to do this, you will add a humidifier to help regulate the moisture level of your crawl space.
Water vapor may seem harmless enough, and it is, but the problems that it causes can include mildew, mold, a musty smell in your basement, sweating windows, inspect problems, wet insulation, and high cooling costs.

Encapsulation offers many benefits including better energy efficiency in your home, improved air quality in your home and more comfortable living conditions. You will also make your home less hospitable for insects such as termites that could cause extensive damage and eventually destroy your home. You will also avoid problems such as fungi and mold in your home.

Sealing or encapsulation is not exactly the same. While encapsulation covers all of the floors, walls, and ceiling, sealing only typically covers the floor and about 8 inches up the wall. Many homeowners tend to do things on their own which is fine, but in this case, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. If it’s not done correctly, it will not protect you the from all the aforementioned issues, and you could even cause more issues.

It may actually cost less to have a service technician to do the job since you will have to buy all of the materials yourself and if you can’t buy your supplies locally, you will most likely be paying extra for steep shipping costs. You may also need to take time off of work. If you want to get the job done correctly the first time and done quickly, hiring a company will ensure that it gets done efficiently since they will have the manpower to complete the project in a timely manner. If there are issues that arise during the encapsulation process such as bulk water problems, they will be trained to take care of them. If you have sitting water or water stains on your foundation walls, it could be an indication that you have bulk water issues.