Should You Replace Your Double Hung Windows With Casements?

When people are installing new windows for their home, they often forget about all of the benefits that casement windows have to offer compared to double hung. Instead of being mounted in the middle and sliding up and down, casement windows cincinnati oh are mounted on their sides by hinges. They open and close on a vertical access by a crank. While there are some people who do not prefer casement windows, there are many people who enjoy the advantages that they have to offer for their home and lifestyle. Here are some of the big advantages that casement windows have that should be considered when you make improvements to your home.

A Better View

The things that divide the glass in a window are known as a muntin and sometimes they can look great. Unfortunately, sometimes they just look awkward or plain and can obstruct your view of the outside. If you’re not a fan of muntins and would prefer to have a great view, casement windows can give you the view and look that you want.

Open Your Windows Wide

When you install double hung windows in your home, you’ll never be able to open your windows more than halfway because of how they are made. Out of all types of windows, casement windows can be opened the widest. You can allow for more ventilation in your home because of the ability to swing open the entire window instead of just part of it. If you are wanting to open your windows all the way and let more of the outside in during nice days, casement windows are an option that you should look into getting casement windows installed in your home.

Security for Your Home

Compared to some other types of windows, casement windows are not easily broken into. The locks cannot be touched as they are embedded in the case. Double hung windows can easily be broken into with just a crowbar. You can also choose laminated glass for the panes of your casement windows which will make it even harder for someone to break into your home.

The Side Breezes Are Great

When you have good ventilation and air circulation in your home you can save on your electric bill as you won’t have to use your air conditioner as much during the summer months. Unfortunately, breezes in homes move at acute angles which makes it difficult to get air circulation with other types of windows. When a sash of a casement window is open, it allows breezes to easily funnel into your home. This is especially useful if your neighbors are close to your home.

They Look Great

Casement Windows come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You will almost always be able to find an option that fits your vision and preferences for your home. If you are thinking about replacing your old double hung windows, consider replacing them with casement windows.