Refinishing The Floors In Your Home

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you will find that after many years, they begin to show signs of wear. The finish on them may become dull and scuffed from years of use and they do not appear as nice as they did when first installed. If this is happening in your home, there are several options that you have in order to either replace the floors entirely or have them refinished. The second choice is a much cheaper way to bring your floors back to life and the new finish will keep your floors in great shape for many years to come.

Finding A Contractor For Refinishing Your Floors
If you have decided that you would prefer to refinish your floors rather than replacing them, there are many contractors that will be able to do this work for you. A search on the internet for any Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services marietta ga found several contractors that can do this. This same search holds true in any area of the country and finding the right contractor is as easy as contacting them to find out what their pricing is. Make a list of several company names and when you contact them ask them how they will go about refinishing your floors. They will most likely need to come to your home to look at the existing condition of your floors in order to properly price the job for you. If they find that the floors are in complete disrepair, they may suggest that you replace them rather than refinishing. They will also be able to tell you how the floors will look once they have done the work and how long the new finish will last.

Getting The Work Done
Once you have found the contractor that will do this work for you, they will come to your home in order to set up their equipment. They will bring a sander which removes the old finish and they will advise you of how you can reduce the dust that is created when they use this machine. Once the old finish is removed, they will then apply the stain that you have chosen. This will take approximately twenty four hours to completely dry at which time they will then apply the polyurethane sealer. After the sealer has dried for another twenty-four hours, they will then use a buffing machine to produce a nice shiny finish to your floors. After the completion of the job, your floors will look as good as new again.

It can take as long as one week to completely refinish the floors in your home depending on a number of factors such as, the size of the floors, number of floors and weather. If the weather is rainy and cold, the stain and polyurethane will take longer to dry, delaying the finish. Your contractor will go over all of this with you when you sign the contract. However, typically this type of job will take less than one week from start to finish.