Reasons You Might Contact a Glass Company

Glass seems to be everywhere we look. It’s our windows, some of our conference rooms, and even our mirrors. Most glass requires very little maintenance other than a simple wipe down. Sometimes glass gets broken, but not all glass breaks the same. We have a choice to pick between different types of glass we want in our homes and offices, and we can base our decisions on safety, temperature, aesthetics, or whatever we want. Consider changing things up the next time you find yourself making a phone call regarding a glass repair or installation and just have fun with it. Reasons you might contact a glass company include glass replacement, new construction, and custom glass projects.

Glass Replacement

Broken windows might not happen that often, but they do happen. Whether there is a break in, weather change, or just an accident, sometimes we need to have glass replaced. Usually, the glass company will come out and take measurements of the area where the replacement is needed and then provide you with a quote. Sometimes if you just want to receive the piece of glass you can send out your measurements and then the company can send you a quote so you have an idea what the replacement will cost you. When you get ready for your glass replacement you can look up any Commercial glass repair service company newport ky in your area.

New Construction

New buildings go up all the time and they all have windows. Experienced glass companies can install impact glass that will sustain high winds. They can also install tempered glass which would be much safer in the event of breakage. Other new glass that might be installed includes bulletproof glass. The great things about new construction is you get to determine what’s important to you up front whether it’s protection from the element’s light reflection or other glass choices.

Custom Glass Projects

Custom glass projects can be a variety of things such as fancy mirrors, shelving, tabletops, shower panels and more. If you want a new look or feel in your office or home you might remove a wall or cut into a wall to have a large piece of glass installed, allowing more natural light in. Oddly shaped glass or any special purpose glass will have to be custom made, and it’s your glass company that will be doing the work.


Glass is a big part of our everyday lives. It’s something we need and use daily. Even if we don’t think we care about it, glass is something that most of us want replaced immediately when it breaks. Contact your glass company for replacements, new construction, or even small custom glass projects. It’s worth it to get that special look in a room or office. Glass has a way of making things look very fancy. Your glass company will also let you know the details of your glass for safety reasons and how to maintain it including proper cleaning.