Protect Your Crawl Space From Damage

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to your home is to have water seep into the crawl space and damage your foundation. Over time, if water is allowed to continue to leak into the space under your house, it will wear away any dirt flooring there may be there and begin to eat away at your foundation. This can eventually cause your home to need to get either a new foundation or major repair to it.

Causes Of Leaks And How To Repair

If your house is located on a hill or slope, when it rains, the water from the rain will pour downward towards your home. The house should have had a retaining wall placed around it so that water cannot get to the crawl space. However, most home builders do not include this in their designs. It is up to the homeowner to have it done afterward. Areas located near oceans also run the risk of having water seepage in houses. With the rise and fall of tides, there is a great possibility of water getting to them. Retaining walls will also help in these cases. If you have a crawl space, you will want to have it waterproofed in order to save it from damage. There are many companies on the internet who can do this and you should look up a crawl space waterproofing huntsville al provider.

How Waterproofing Is Done

When a company comes in to waterproof your crawl space, they will have special materials that they attach to the inside (and possibly outside) of the crawl space. This material is attached via special screws and bolts which resist rust. After the waterproofing material is attached, they will seal it with a bonding agent. The company you hire should give you an estimate for the work to be done and let you know how long it will take them to complete it. They can also make recommendations on other measures you can take to completely waterproof your crawl space, such as, installing a retaining wall. If there has been prior damage to the foundation from water, they will also be able to make any repairs that need to be done and then install the waterproofing. This will obviously add additional fees to the original estimate. But, having the waterproofing done correctly is your assurance that you will not have further damage in the future.

Many homeowners do not look at the crawl space in a house when they are looking to purchase it and will often not ask about flooding and the possibility of water entering the home. If the home you are looking to purchase is located in a flood zone, you will need to know what measures have been taken to protect the home from these floods. It can potentially cost a lot of money if you do not know this when you purchase a house. Once a house is waterproofed, it should last for many years and the homeowner should not have any more problems.