Environmentalists and Scientists Want Large Quantities of Trees Planted Globally

The blame for climate change is the decrease of tree population around the world in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, and Congo. The causes of trees destruction are by fire, unnecessary cutting down, hurricanes, tornado, tsunamis, lightening, and occasional accidents. International scientists and environmentalists suggest that countries and people plant vast quantities of trees to help the earth and its habitats. Not all trees that need removing are because of damages by natural or accidental disasters, but because they are hazardous or diseased. In such cases, state and local governmental agencies recommend hiring a certified arborist to make an assessment.

If trees need removing, landscaping companies and professional tree services providers will suggest planting others for replacement. The unity of various organizations, environmentalist, scientists, and people around the world is empowerment to do something about global climate change. The kind of trees to plant depends on the region and should be different species that are thriving, stated in a Forbes article in April 2018. The sources to use when selecting trees are tools offered by the United States Department of Agriculture and organizations, or a local company that specializes in tree planting and removal. They are knowledgeable of trees that thrive and those that struggle in different regions.

According to The New York Times, the greatest interest of worldwide tropical forests is the loss of about 40 million acres of trees in 2017 plus the losses the year before. The report came from the World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch with information collected using a satellite from the University of Maryland. The worst years of tropical forest tree losses are 2016 and 2017 which are consecutive record highs. While the data collected in the report is relative to Columbia, Brazil and Congo, other countries are experiencing a loss of trees. The recent fires in California and the hurricanes in the Caribbean, for an example, resulted in tens of thousands of lost trees.

About Removing Trees

Before deciding to remove a tree, make sure it’s not a hazard to the contractors, neighboring houses or commercials. Homeowners and businesses have a legal right to remove trees from their properties in the majority of the states in the US. Seek advice from an expert on whether the tree requires removing or restoring to good health. Owners must make sure the tree is on their property and doesn’t belong to parks or the public resulting in legal action and financial responsibility. If a tree is diseased or damaged severely, consult with a reputable company offering service for tree removal Vienna VA.

The service of removing trees comes with possible liabilities when damages affect consumers’ properties. It doesn’t require the knowledge of an arborist or certification to provide tree services. What is of impertinence is learning the credentials and reputation of the company. Ask for proof of insurance before releasing a deposit or signing a contract. Yes, most American states value the tree population and advise against unnecessary removal of trees. They also promote planting a tree to replace a damaged or diseased tree.