Different Types of Roofing Systems

A roof is the sloped covering that is found on buildings. Roofs are made of different materials. However, you should not refer to a concrete slab as a roof. Let’s take a look of a range system of roofing. Roofing of structures started centuries ago. Man could not live in a shelter that was not protecting him from rain, extreme sunlight and cold. Therefore, he invented a thatched roof.

The roofs were made of grass and shrubs that were carefully placed at the top of the structure protecting man from adverse weather conditions. Basically, all modern roofs are descendants of the thatched roof. Thatched roofs are placed at an angle of 45 degrees. The reason behind this technique is because they are not watertight. However, they are made thick and dense measuring about 400m or so in width. The significant slope forces water to drip and flows off before it finds an opportunity to penetrate through the thick and dense thatch.

Other systems of roofing like the corrugated iron sheets are placed at an angle of 1 degree or even less. The reason for this angle is because they are perfectly watertight. A roof offers plenty of other services apart from being watertight. Roofs ensure that snow doesn’t fall in the house, it makes the structure appealing and attractive, it protects all occupants from hot climates and also cold during cold climates.

A roof must have the ability to withstand the following challenges i.e. snow loads, wind loads especially in those areas where heavy winds are common, earthquake and other human loads such as maintenance works. Apart from thatched and iron sheets roofs, there are the stone and slate roofs. Stones have not in the past been used as roofing options because they are very heavy. Slate is regarded as a naturally occurring stone that often splits into several thin layers if it is hit with a chisel in the right manner.

The result is always a waterproof. The thin tiles are arranged at the top of the building while overlapping each other to form a roof. The stone tiles that are cut are not the same in thickness and size, therefore making this system, not a reliable waterproof roofing solution. For more information about this system of roofing, you can check more information from various roofing companies crystal lake il.

Slit and stone system of roofing is placed at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees. The essence for this is to force the water to run off not trickling in between gaps. Clay traditional kind of roofing has been here from way back. Clay is a product that is extensively used worldwide. The material is also easy to shape and manipulate. Clay can be perfectly shaped into channels and thin lips that guide water to run off the roof during rainy days. Clay roofing system is very attractive because of its orange to red color. In modern housing, many people prefer to roof their structures using metal roofing systems. Metal roofs are used in most airport and industrial buildings.